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LUNA v7.1.5 is a major release with new features like Book-reader support and Export of data and images in the Library, plus several bug fixes.

Posted: March 5, 2015

NEW Features in LUNA 7.1.5:


  • Implemented the option to enable SSL login for all LUNA log-in pages.


  • Implemented export for data and images in the LUNA Library. Permissions to export data and media items are set in the Administrator at the collection level.
    Data export includes the ability to:

export as .CSV or XML format.

choose all fields or a select group of fields to export from your record data.

choose all records or a subset of records to export from your collection.

export LUNA generated data (includes Record ID, Media ID, Batch ID, Media Filename, Detail View URL & image URLs for all sizes).

ability to re-import exported .csv file when you include Record ID.

   Media item export includes: 

export for size 0-8, JP2K and source images. 

  • Improved the "Save Draft" feature for users without the "Save" privilege to allow them to save a record in a draft state the first time an edit is made to an item with no previous record.
  • Changed the Library's labels to display in alphabetical order.


  • Support for uploading and processing Book-reader objects in the LUNA Uploader.
  • Improved the layout of the Uploader by incorporating tabs at the top for users to choose from, based on the type of upload performed. The choices include Media Items, Authorities or Books.
  • Corrected an issue causing tiff images smaller than 1536 pixels to fail during upload.


  • Support for opening books in a side by side mode in the Viewer when only 2-pages.

Collection Manager

  • Added support for repeating values in standalone fields. Included an option to check "multivalued" as a field setting in the Collection Manager.
  • Extended the collection name to allow up to 200 characters in the Collection Manager.
  •  Relay button. Re-purposed the 'Buy" button to allow for custom text at the collection level. Read more...
  • Removed the restriction of up to 20 fields to be mapped to the Who, What, Where, When categories.


  • Changed the landing page to open to the Credentials section in the Administrator.
  • Implemented an option to perform a Soft Reset in the Administrator to add the ability to refresh caches in the LUNA Viewer.
  • Updated the default access permissions with the permissions for Export & Authorities.



Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug whereby a required field would result in the inability to save changes to records using the Group Editor.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer's featured media window whereby the maximum number of images were not always displaying.
  • Improved the media information data display panel in the Viewer's slideshow.
  • Cleaned up the Extended Properties page in the Administrator.
  • Improved the password reset form to display a message that notifies the user when the email address they submit during a password reset does not exist in the database.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the hover pop-up on "All Collections" to display an image count of "0".
  • Editing the media summary fields using the Collection Manager no longer requires a restart for the changes to display in the Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug to remove the space between field name and the colon ":" in Detail View's media info panel.
  • Editing the collection description no longer requires a restart for the changes to display in the Viewer.
  • Fixed several issues that caused facet searches to fail on values that contain the following special characters: ? or & or / or % or double quotes.


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