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LUNA v7.1 is a major release with new features like authorities, MARC record mapping, and a process for migrating Insight collections to LUNA.

NEW Features in LUNA 7.1:


  • Migration process to move collections from Insight v6.x to the new LUNA v7.1+ system. This is a one- time, one-way migration process to move Insight collections, groups, presentations and user accounts to the new LUNA system.
  • Record Data API: Makes it possible for LUNA to interact at a machine level with non-LUNA data sources to Read, Add, Update and Delete the Record data contained within the LUNA Library. Learn more.
  • Enhanced the OAI harvester to control the order of the identifiers (if there are multiples). *OAI-PMH repository is much more robust in LUNA 7x in it's delivery of content to harvestors due to back end architectural changes.
  • Included the option to delete all files in the LUNA system to minimize potential storage issues.
  • Updated the LUNA main menu page with new icons and styling.
  • Improvements to LUNA's messaging.


  • Support for local authorities in LUNA- feature set includes:

List view for easy browsing experience through authority records

Authority Editor to add, edit, delete authority records

Advanced search

Added a check box to the field group editor to indicate an authority

Batch uploading of authorities via LUNA Uploader

Control user access to edit authorities at the collection level

  • Improvements to the Record Editor layout and styling for a more intuitive editing experience.
  • Adjustments to layout components in the Library.
  • Added the media item filename under the thumbnail throughout the LUNA Library.

  • Implemented a back button in the Record Editor and Authority Editor that returns a user to the page they were on, prior to opening a record or group of records for editing.

  • Include the Username for label sharing to identify users if first and last name are blank.

  • Include the Username when choosing "select owner" option under advanced search to identify users if first and last name are blank.

  • Improved messaging for Labels.


  • Standalone Uploader: Used to offload some of the image processing onto different machines and can be installed on your workstation or onto other servers.
  • Support for uploading .jp2 (JPEG 2000) files via the LUNA Uploader.

Collection Manager

  • Added a MARC field mapping text box to the field editor to allow the upload of .mrc files.


  • User accounts set to active upon creation.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Library's Simple Search to use "AND" and not "OR" as the operator as you add multiple values to narrow down the search results.
  • Fixed a bug in the Library's Advanced Search in which values were lost or shifting position after search
  • Fixed a bug in the Library causing single or double quotes to disappear from a value as soon as a change was made to the record with that value. This affected values only when they began and ended in quotes.
  • Fixed a bug in the Uploader to accept a .PDF filename as all caps when uploading .pdf documents.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer that was causing an error on the second page of results when applying quotes around a value in the simple search box.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer that caused 'Catalog data & text in Documents' searches to not return results for Bookreader objects.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer to make values under the Browse Categories page display alphabetically.
  • Fixed several issues in the Viewer that caused facet searches to fail on values that contain the following special characters: ? or & or / or % or double quotes.
  • Fixed a bug that breaks the Viewer when a field that contains data gets deleted from the collection schema.
  • Fixed a bug in the Viewer's Log-in/Registration page to allow usernames to begin with a number.
  • Fixed the right click option in Collection Manager to add or delete fields in a template.
  • Fixed a bug in the Collection Manager so that the field sort order selection will apply to the Library.
  • Fixed a bug in the Administrator that caused problems when trailing spaces were present in the username, access permission name and credential name.

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