With the External Media Search  option, users can search and work with public images from Flickr but users can also upload their own content directly into LUNA with the My Uploads feature. 

As with institutional and Flickr content, objects uploaded with this feature can be viewed in the Detail View and LUNA Workspace. They can also be easily added to a  Media Group  and incorporated into Slide Shows and presentations. With each object uploaded into LUNA you can add a title (max 100 characters), a description (max 1000 characters) and a copyright statement (max 500 characters).

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Adding Content

Adding your own content to LUNA is a simple process, but the permission to do so is controlled by the LUNA administrator:

To upload content:

  1. Log in, if you don't have a user account you'll need to register one. Select the Create > My Uploads option from the LUNA main menu. 

  2. Click on the Select Files icon.

  3. Select as many files as you would like. LUNA will support all file types and will natively play back .flv and .mp3 files in the LUNA Workspace and Detail View. If you're not able to upload certain file formats, check with your LUNA administrator for more information. Click on either of the two Upload Files icons.

  4. As your files are being uploaded derivatives and a JPEG2000 file are automatically being created for image files, this ensures quick delivery of high resolution details. While this is being done, you'll see the upload progress bars for each object and once complete you'll see a thumbnail for the images. For non image formats you'll see a representative icon.
  5. When the uploads are complete, you'll be able to add a title (max 100 characters), a description (max 1000 characters) and a copyright statement (max 500 characters) for each object. You can always go back and edit these media details. After adding the media details you can select Manage My Uploads, Add Content, or Return to My Uploads.

  6. Manage My Uploads will allow you to remove your uploads, copy or add selected uploads to a Media Group.


  7. Return to My Uploads is the same as the Explore > My Uploads option from the LUNA main menu and simply presents all your uploads in one place in thumbnail view with thumbnail data and Media Summary upon rollover. 
  8. Non image uploads will be represented by icons:


Adding Media Details

Once files have been successfully uploaded to the My Uploads feature, you can add a title (max 100 characters), a description (max 1000 characters) and a copyright statement (max 500 characters) for each the file. Make sure to click on Save Media Details to save the information you have entered before leaving this page. This can be done immediately after the files have been uploaded, or you can use the Manage My Media option to go back and edit/add them later.

Managing My Uploads

After uploading personal content via the My Uploads feature, you can manage these media files.

Copy to  

Remove Selected 

Add Content   

Edit Selected   

Return to My Uploads   

Viewing and Sharing My Uploads

View My Uploads

To view the personal content you've uploaded into LUNA using the My Uploads feature, simply select Explore > My Uploads from the LUNA main menu.

Your content will then be presented as pages of thumbnails with thumbnail data, and more information in the Media Summary.

Share My Uploads

In order to share your uploads with others you can do the following: