How do you compare the details of two images? How do you zoom into an image and then create a unique URL to that image? How do you create a slide for a presentation and then create an embeddable web widget of that slide? In the LUNA Workspace, that's how.

The LUNA Workspace offers unprecedented tools for working with digital content. With viewing tools actually embedded into the images themselves we've replaced the idea of a tool bar and placed powerful features right at your fingertips.

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Viewing Tools

The LUNA Workspace is a dynamic space for working with media. Viewing tools are built into each image allowing you to seamlessly work with multiple images at the same time. While LUNA’s  Detail View  also provides you with embedded viewing tools in the image, the LUNA Workspace conveniently gives you the ability to work with multiple objects at the same time.

Viewing Tools in the LUNA Workspace

 Display annotations: indicates how many annotations are on an image, click on it to hide or show the annotations. If there are no annotations to an image, you won't see this icon.

 View Help: Launches this online LUNA help.

 Add Annotation: when logged in you'll be able to add annotations to an image. Annotations can be saved at a collection level for all to see (if given permission by administrator), privately so only you will see them when viewing the image in the Detail View or LUNA Workspace, or to a Media Group in order to share the annotation with others.

 View Image Information: opens the associated image data; the Image Information box can be re-sized and closed by clicking on the “x”.

 Show/Hide Thumbnail Navigator: allows you to control which section of a zoomed-in image you see. Drag the grey-out zoomed area around the thumbnail to see that zoomed section.

 Force fit image to frame: force fits the image to fit within the size frame you have chosen; drag the edge of the image to the desired size, click on the Force Fit Image icon and the image will automatically be re-sized to fit the selected frame size.

 Maximize image to Workspace: maximizes the image to fit your screen.

 Remove image from Workspace.

  Zooming: zooming in and out on an image can be done by clicking on the “+” or “-“symbol, using the scroll wheel on your mouse, or by dragging the zoom bar left or right.

Media Panel

The Media Panel can help you find media to add to the LUNA Workspace.









Presentation Panel

Working with presentation slides is done in the Presentation Panel and the LUNA Workspace. The Presentation Panel presents the slides of a presentation in a preview mode, while the LUNA Workspace illustrates the slides in their full size.

The Presentation Panel allows you to:

 Edit Presentation Properties

 Copy Presentation

 Delete Presentation

 Export to PowerPoint

 Playback presentation



  Save current slide 

  Edit slide description

  Create new slide for this presentation

  Jump to the first slide or view the previous slide.

  Jump to the last slide or view the next slide.

Media Panel

Working in the LUNA Workspace

The LUNA Workspace is integrated throughout LUNA and is accessed when adding an image to it, but is also used while viewing an image in the Detail Viewand while viewing a presentation in Playback mode. It might not appear as if you're in the LUNA Workspace when playing back a presentation or when viewing an image detail, but whenever you're able to make use of the viewing tools, it means the image is being referenced from the LUNA Workspace.

Even with so many different ways to access the LUNA Workspace, there is only one help link from the LUNA Workspace. It's represented in different ways, but references this Help page in each instance. Below are examples of where the LUNA Help link is presented along with more specific links for that action to help direct you to a more specific help page: