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How do I upload records and images and link them together?

Open the Uploader page from the Tools menu. Select the collection you would like to upload records and images for. Create a new batch or use the existing batch. Now click the "Select Files" button to search your computer for the files you want to upload. Select all the records and images you like.

Using the "Settings" menu next to the Tools menu you can decide what field in the records to use to link the images you just uploaded to their respective data records. Most often this is done using the filename of the image. If "Filename" is part of your data schema, the system will automatically select "Filename" in the pull down menu and link the items and records by this field. If you are using a different field, use the "Link records and media items with" pull down menu to tell the system which data field to use.

Next, select one of the 3 choices directly below "Link records and media items":

  • Media items or records in this batch - This will only link records with media items specifically in this batch.
  • Unlinked media items or records in collection - This will check all the media items in the whole collection that you have uploaded that are Unlinked (no record attached to them).
  • Any media items and records in collection - This will search the entire collection for ANY media item that matches the linking field you choose and attach the record (weather there is all ready a record attached or not).

If you've uploaded items and records but forgot to auto link, no problem. Just go back to the settings and select the field and one of the 3 options below the pull down menu, then click "Apply links now". This will then link all the items and records. You can apply these links even after everything has been uploaded.

I do not have a Filename field or a linking field in my data, how do I link my images with records?

You can create a "Linking File" that is tab separated (instead of comma separated) that will link images to records using the filename of the image and any field you choose from the records (a field that is unique for each record is highly recommended). Create a file that has 2 columns of data. On the left side choose a field in the records and on the right side the file name of the media you are uploading or have uploaded.

If your filenames are not included in your data file you can upload a linking file. This process is also helpful if you need to link multiple items to one record. The linking file is a tab-delimited text file in which the first column shows your media filenames and the second column shows a linking value from your catalog data. The 2 values are separated by a tab character. 


- The field you choose as the linking value must be a field in the primary Field Group/Record Type. For example in Dublin Core it would be "Identifier".

An easy way to create the “External Mapping File” is to:

1. Copy all the fields in the Identifier column of your .csv file (excluding the name of the field) and paste them into a new Excel spreadsheet. 
2. Paste them again in the next column.
3. Save this file as a .txt file.

Tip: You know your media items are linked to records if you see data displaying next to them. If you've uploaded records and items and told the system to link them but you don't see any data after the upload is complete, go back to the settings and click on "Apply Links".


My media records and data did not link, what do I do?

You can manage linking of records and media items after they have all been uploaded. You can open the "Settings" (next to the Tools menu up top) and decide what field from the records uploaded will be used to match a field on the images. Usually the only data the images have is filename, so whatever the field is called in your records that you put the filename is, that is the field that should be used. If you did not put the filename info into your records (you don't have a "filename" field in your schema) you will need to use a linking file instead. See the answer above.

Why do I see an exclamation point after uploading media items, did I do something wrong?

This means something went wrong with the upload and those files did not get uploaded. (I don't know what else to say here? Thoughts?)

I got an error message after uploading my data records, what do I do?

(I have only gotten the gray exclamation before. What is the error message you might get and what is the solution for said message?)

How do I upload media items only?

When you go to the Uploader from the Tools menu you can decide if you want to upload records and/or media items. If you only want to upload media items in a batch you may do that. If you only want to upload records in a batch you may do that also.

How do I upload source images?

When you go to the Uploader From the Tools menu you can click on Settings up next to the Tools menu. The very first item in the settings menu is a check box to upload the source images if you like. Be sure to check the box for this setting before you upload the image files.

How do I upload records only?

When you go to the Uploader From the Tools menu you can decide if you want to upload records and/or media items. If you only want to upload records in a batch you may do that. If you only want to upload media items in a batch you may do that also.


The only file types supported for records are: .csv .xml .mrc

How do I prepare a csv file to upload?

The easiest way to prepare a .csv (comma separated value) file is to download the pre-made one that has ALLthe fields setup properly but no records. You can find this file in the lower left "Download blank data schema .csv file". You can then begin to fill in the rows with your record information. Be sure to select the "Link records and media items with" field from the Settings menu. This will allow you to link all the records you are uploading to media items you have uploaded or are going to upload. 

I have authorities and/or repeating fields in my data, how do I prepare my csv file to upload my data records?

(work in progress)

We have 2 ways to have multiple values for a field. You can have Authorities or Repeating values (or an Authority and Repeating values).

Authorities can have multiple values and will read like a list.
The list would read:

Repeating fields have multiple values all in the same line or box.
This would read:

If you combine Authorities with Repeating values:
The list would read:

From Rathi's notes:
Changes made to support import and export of multi valued field:

If a field has more than one value, then field name is has suffix, "$<n-th value>

e.g.,import csv
Rathi,Los Angeles,111,222,Dept1,222,Japan1,Japan2,Mexico

Here Phone and Country are multi valued field
Phone has 2 values 111 and 222 hence the field name Phone$1 and Phone$2

Country is an entity/authority field that can have multiple values

There are 2 entities #1 and #2
First entity has country with 2 values hence the field name is followed by groupId(#1) multivalueId($1 and $2)
Country#1$1,Country#1$2 ==> Japan1,Japan2

Second country has only one value, hence 
Country#2 ==> Mexico
Since this field has only one value, it is optional to add multiValueId($1)

How do I upload a list of authorities only?

Once you have selected a collection and a batch, at the top of the screen is a tab for Authorities. You can use that tab to select which Authority you want to upload. (little personal exp with this, Please advise what addition info is necessary)

How do I upload books?

On the Uploader page once you have chosen a collection to add your book to you will see a "Books" tab at the top.

Using the Book Upload feature.

How do I make the items I upload display in the LUNA Viewer?

Initially in the Settings menu you can choose to have the media items and records you upload be available in the viewer. If you did not choose to have the items viewable when you uploaded them you can always make items viewable/not-viewable using "edit" in the Library.

How do I use the Uploader Settings?

  • Store source image files - You can have LUNA store your images in full source. This allows users to download the full source image if you allow them permission to do so in their Credential.
  • For display in LUNA Viewer - This allows you to choose if the items you upload will be immediately viewable in the Viewer or not.
  • Uploader display fields - (is this what will display under the thumbnails inthe library or what is displayed on the left in the viewer?)
  • Link records and and media items with - You can decide what field to use to link records with media and also how LUNA should search for items to link with using the selections below.
  • Upload Linking File - this allows you to upload a tab separated linking file to link records and media (especially useful if your schema does not include a field for filename)

How do I create a new batch?

All of the batches you have in a collection will be listed on the left side of the window. At the top of that list is the heading "Batches". There is a plus sign right next to "Batches" that you can use to create a new batch. Creating new batches is useful because if you later find you need to remove everything from a specific batch you made it can easily be done be deleting the batch. 

How do I edit the batch name?

Once you have selected a batch you will see the name of the batch appear at the top of the window. If you place your mouse on the name of the batch at the top of the screen you will see a trash can icon and edit icon appear next to the name. You can use the edit icon to change the name of the batch.

How do I delete a batch?

Once you have selected a batch you will see the name of the batch appear at the top of the window. If you place your mouse on the name of the batch at the top of the screen you will see a trash can icon and edit icon appear next to the name. You can use the trash can icon to delete the batch.


Note: for media & books- this will ask you to delete records only, media only or both.

What are the stats in the bottom right corner?

The stats show you what is happening with the processing of the records and media items you have uploaded. This is a total tally of all uploads you have going. If you uploaded items to another collection you may still see some processing if there were many in the batch. If you still have items processing it will need to finish any other batches you may have started before it gets to the batch you just queued up. (is this correct?)

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