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How do I upload records and images and link them together?
I do not have a Filename field or a linking field in my data, how do I link my images with records?
My media records and data did not link, what do I do?
Why do I see an exclamation point after uploading media items, did I do something wrong?
I got an error message after uploading my data records, what do I do?
How do I upload media items only?
How do I upload source images?
How do I upload records only?
How do I prepare a csv file to upload?
I have authorities and/or repeating fields in my data, how do I prepare my csv file to upload my data records?
How do I upload a list of authorities only?
How do I upload books?
How do I make the items I upload display in the LUNA Viewer?
How do I use the Uploader Settings?
How do I create a new batch?
How do I edit the batch name?
How do I delete a batch?
What are the stats in the bottom right corner?
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