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You can use the many search and  and label options to help you locate specific content to group edit.

Once the Group Edit tab opens you'll see the data fields you can make group edits to. As soon as you make a edit to a field the box to the right will be checked indicating it is a field that will be updated for all media items you selected. When editing a single field, the changes you apply will replace the existing values within that field for the records you have selected. If you want to check to see what media items you have selected for this group edit use the Media Items Preview tab at the top. You may use Save as draft if you want to save the edits but are not ready to commit the changes so all users can see. You can then come back and Save any of the media items at a later date to commit the changes so all can see.



Tip: Be When in a Group Edit be sure you pay attention to the "LUNA Viewer Display Option" pull down menu. This will affect You can choose whether or not the items you are editing display in the LUNA Viewer or not.