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We hope LUNA's intuitive interface makes it easy for you to explore content, and manage media, and build collections. But to help get you on your way here are some fun things you can do to help you get a feel for how LUNA works:

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Check out our video tutorials at our YouTube channel! Some additional Flash Tutorials (no sound) available here.

When you're ready to build collections let us know, and if you need any help just reach out to us.

LUNA Viewer

The LUNA Viewer is the dynamic web-based front end used to deliver content to your audience. You can perform simple keyword searches or complex structured queries, and can control how you view, browse, and organize your results to create Media Groups and presentations. You can save and share your work by linking and embedding any view, image, group, or presentation.


  • Select a collection from the collection menu in upper left corner.
  • While browsing the thumbnails in a collection, select one and click on the Edit icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail. Now you’re in the Record Editor feature.

  • Go ahead and add, edit, or delete some data. Click Save.
  • Go back to the Viewer and you’ll immediately see the changes you made are now live!