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In the Collection Manager, data templates and data schemas are used to give structure to records in a collection.

Data templates are like patterns that can be used over and over again for one or more collections. A data schema is unique to a collection and is based on an a data template.

Every time you build a collection in LUNA you must choose a template to base your data schema on. The template you choose as your data schema can't be changed once you've saved it.  And while you can always go back and edit both a data template and a data schema, any edits made to the data schema will not be saved to the data template and vice versa.






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Create a New Template

Under the Templates tab, click "New Template" (look for the blue button on the left). You'll be asked to give the template a name and description. This is helpful information if you're sharing the Collection Manager with others in your organization and think they could benefit from identifying and then using your template.


To edit your data schema click on View/Edit schema to the right of Data Schema. When you're done editing, be sure to click "Back to Collection Properties". 

The template that you based your data schema on will remain the same (under the Templates tab) and still be available to edit and use for other collections. 

Fields, Field Groups and Authorities


To add fields to a field group, click on the field group and then click New Field.



When editing a Template you can go back anytime and change a Field Group to an Authority or do the reverse. However, when editing a Data Schema, field groups are permanent and can't be changed.


Repeating Fields

In the Record Editor, there are two ways to create repeating fields.



If you're not familiar with MARC records you might want to contact us for help. Please also read additional details on using MARC as source data in LUNA.


Understanding the deletion and renaming of fields in a Schema