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Click on the carrot next to the keyword search box to open the advanced search. The search features here go beyond just regular advanced search where you can search by multiple fields. When you save a search you can make this search appear in a quick list. This quick list is referred to as the "Load Search" menu.

You In addition to being able to search by a specific data field you can also search by label, owner of label, batch and other criteria. NEED HELP WITH THIS FEATURE. IT'S CONFUSING.owner is label owner in a collectionThis "other criteria" includes starred, un-starred, draft, unlinked media, unlinked record, linked media, linked record, public Independent Media Items, private Independent Media Items, records, media items, and whether or not the item or record is viewable in the LUNA Viewer. 


Saving Searches

After executing a search, click on "Save Search" to save that query. This is helpful so that you don't have to build the same search query over and over. When you select "Save Search" you'll be saving this as a search filter and can choose whether or not to have this search filter display in your quicklist, and whether it should be publicly viewable.