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Keyword searches are the simplest method for searching in the LUNA Library but you can also perform an advanced search. If you've created a complex advanced search query you might want to save that search so you can easily execute it again and again without having to recreate it. Searches are based on the cataloged data in records, file names, embedded metadata (IPTC, EXIF, XMP) and custom catalog data.

You can search one collection at a time, the Independent Media Items Container or the entire LUNA Library. 


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Search by Keyword

As with any database, The LUNA Library can easily be searched by keyword and works much like in a search engine, so you can use the AND, OR, NOT, and "" to help refine your search.


Advanced Search

Click on the carrot drop down arrow next to the keyword search box to open the advanced search. When you save a search you can make this search appear in a quick list in the search filters section of the Library, as well as the "Load Search" menu of the Advanced Search.

Advanced Search Options by Data


Since records, custom data fields, and embedded metadata are all indexed you can search the system by specific data:

- all these words: searches for all of the words in any order. Using Boolean logic, this search is similar to using "AND". If you entered "World Heritage Sites" in this search box, the search results would contain only those items containing all three terms. The Boolean operator "AND" is used automatically with this option, so you don't need to enter it.


this exact wording: searches for all of the words in the exact order. This is similar to using quotation marks in other search engines. For instance, if you were searching for "World Heritage Sites", search results would contain only those items that contain the exact phrase "World Heritage Sites".

Advanced Search Options by Filters


In addition to being able to search by a specific data field you can also search by various filters like label, owner of label, batch and other criteria. This "other criteria" includes starred, un-starred, draft, unlinked media, unlinked record, linked media, linked record, public Independent Media Items, private Independent Media Items, records, media items, and whether or not the item or record is viewable in the LUNA Viewer.


Tip: Select several criteria to create an advanced search. For example, because an item has to be linked to a record in order for it to display in the LUNA Viewer, select both the "Display For display in LUNA Viewer" and "Unlinked media" criteria to see which items are marked as to display in the LUNA Viewer but still need to be linked to a record.

Saving & Managing Searches

After executing a search, click on "Save Search" to save that query. This is helpful so that you don't have to build the same search query over and over. When you select "Save Search" you'll be saving this as a search filter and can choose whether or not to have this search filter display in your quicklist, and whether it should be publicly viewable.


You'll find that saved search query using the "Load Search" pull down menu in the advanced search or in your quicklist to the left of the Library thumbnails where the other filters are (All, Drafts, Starred, In LUNA Viewer, Batches, Labels).  

To manage these saved searches click on "Manage Saved Searches".