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  • Checking the "Store source image files" box will tell the system to store the source files.

  • The "For display in LUNA Viewer" option will tell the system to automatically allow either a record or media item (or both) to display in the LUNA Viewer. You'll know an item is checked for display if it has a green icon when selected in the Library. By default both the media items and records will be checked for display.

  • Use the "Link records and media items with" pull down menu to tell the system which data field to use in order to link the imported items with their respective record. Typically this would be a unique field, like filename. Use the Linking tab in the Record Editor in the LUNA Library to link more than one item to a record.


    Tip: If "Filename" is part of your data schema, the system will automatically select "Filename" in the pull down menu and link the items and records by this field.

  • If you've uploaded items and records but forgot to auto link, no problem- just go back to the settings and select the field and one of the 3 options below the pull down menu and then click "Apply links now". This will then link all the items and records. You can apply these links even after everything has been uploaded.

  • If you're uploading to a collection, and if you've linked your items with records, use the "Uploader display fields" menus to select up to 4 fields to display. These fields are just for the Uploader. Go to the Collection Manager to select which thumbnail fields will display in the LUNA Viewer.

  • If your file names filenames are not included in your data file you can upload a linking file. This process is also helpful if you need to link multiple items to one record. The linking file is a tab-delimited text file in which the first column shows your media file names names and the second column shows a linking value from your catalog data. The 2 values are separated by a tab character.