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The LUNA Viewer is the dynamic web-based front end used to deliver content to your audience. Users can perform simple keyword searches, complex structured queries, control how they view, browse, and organize their results to create Media Groups and presentations. Users can save and share their work by linking and embedding any view, image, group, or presentations.


Start your exploration of the Viewer with these easy tasks:

1. Play with the layout

  • Browse all collections, or pick just one.
  • Change the thumbnail size, it’s great to browse big images

2. Check out the Detail View

  • Click on a thumbnail image once to bring it into the detail view where you can zoom in on image details.
  • Bring an image or two into the LUNA Workspace by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the thumbnail, or from the Detail View. 


You're ready to move on to adding annotations, exporting, using the Quick View and more.


3. Check out different ways to search

  • Pick a category facet, then narrow the results

  • Use the data panel search

4. Create a Media Group


and play a slideshow with Flickr content

  • Go to Create > Create Media Group. Now you’ve got an active Media Group!
  • As you browse, click on the icon in the right corner of the thumbnail to add the image to your active Media Group. Add as many as you like!
  • Go to Explore > External Media Search, enter a keyword search term or if you have a Flickr account enter your username.
  • Add some of these images to your active Media Group.
  • Go to Explore > Media Groups and click on the title of your active Media Group.
  • Click on Slideshow et voila! You’ve got a cool slideshow with content from LUNA and Flickr.