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LUNA 7.5.1 is a release that includes the following new features as well as some minor bug fixes.

New Features in LUNA v7.5.1

  • Implemented "server-side analytics" for collections that are shared with peers. This allows LUNA Admins a way to track user actions for their collections that have been added to the LUNA Commons or that have been added to other LUNA peer instances. This includes:
    • The embedding of a small thumbnail image in the metadata panel for shared media. When a user opens the shared media in Detail View, this image is loaded and the event will be tracked on the source collection server. The source server then sends it to Google Analytics. See documentation on Replacing the default IIIF logo.
    • Added a parameter to track base domain of the client serving the collection to see where people are coming from.
  • Updated the permission logic for Annotations in the LUNA Viewer's default Detail View to include the following:

    • Super Admins- can edit any collection level annotation and can re-assign any private annotations to be collection level annotations.

    • If a Super Admin re-assigns a private annotation to collection level, the user who created the private annotation must have Record Edit and Media Edit permission to continue to be able to edit that annotation.
    • With Record Edit and Media Edit permission- a user can edit collection level annotations only, not private annotations.

    • Annotation owners who are not Super Admins can edit their own annotations even without the Record Edit permission.

  • Updated the Collection Manager to ensure the Canonical Server Address gets passed for Shared collections.
  • Enhanced the LUNA Uploader to automatically detect and ignore BOM characters during a .csv upload.
  • Updated the LUNA Sharing Tool to delete the collection index content from the Shared Index during a Full Crawl Reset and renamed the button to Purge & Reset.
  • Added a link in the LUNA Sharing tools footer to the Advanced Sharing actions interface.
  • Improvements made to Activity Stream performance.

Bug Fixes in LUNA v7.5.1

  • Fixed a bug whereby logging into the LUNA Library on Chrome using https url was returning an error.
  • Fixed a bug in LUNA Viewer that was causing the Detail View to crash if the designated Date field contained more than 4 digits for a year.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Internet Archive Book objects not to work in the LUNA Viewer.
  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Viewer causing images to load oddly if resolution is restricted.
  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Viewer causing a 1 second delay for Media Summary popup.
  • In the LUNA Viewer, hid the manifest url and the IIIF Activity Stream url from displaying in Share This on the External Media page.
  • Fixed a bug whereby only two zipped books were getting processed when 4 or more books were being uploaded in the LUNA Uploader.
  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Library causing the user list not to display when setting restrictions.

Bug Fixes in LUNA v7.5.1.3

  • Fixed a bug where wildcard searches in the Library and Viewer with a hyphen would not return results properly (requires rebuild of LUNA Library and LUNA Viewer indexes)
  • Fixed a bug with iiif image requests using the full/full request method would not return a full size image.
  • Fixed a bug in the LUNA Library where images stored in Google Storage could no longer be downloaded.
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