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In the Library

Delete one item
If you are looking at all your collections together you can hover over any media item and delete it using the trash can icon that pops up on the item. 


Delete multiple items
If you choose a specific collection you can select one or more media items and use the "More" menu to delete them.


When you click Delete from the More menu it will pop-up a choice to delete the record, the media item, or both.

In the Uploader

Choose the collection you want to work with.

You can delete a whole batch at once. Choose the batch on the left side then hover your cursor over the batch title/date and a trash can icon will appear.

Be aware you are deleting all the contents of this batch permanently!


You can delete a media item or record from a batch.
Select the batch on the left.
Hover over the media item image to see the trash can icon pop up. You can use this to delete the media item.
Hover over the record info (in yellow below) and a trash can icon will appear on the far right. You can use this to delete the record.


See alsoUnlinking a record or item


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