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Introduced in LUNA 7.5.2, support for annotations in LUNA's Mirador Detail View.

Creating Annotations

Log in, if you don't have a user account you'll need to register one.

Bring the image you want to add an annotation to into the Detail View.

Using the slider from the Detail View tools above, click whether you want to create a private annotation or a collection level annotation. This option is based on the permissions granted to your user account.


Private: only the person who created it can see it.

Collection level: only those with collection level privileges will see this as an option; this option allows the annotation to be viewed by anyone. This option applies to institutional content only, there are no "collection level" saving privileges for annotations made on images from the External Media Search or My Uploads

Next, click the Annotation Tooltip icon to expose the annotation formats


Select the annotation shape you want your annotation displayed in and then click the region within the image where you want to place the annotation. A square was used in the example below. You can expand or make the shapes smaller. This will automatically open a small box where you can begin typing in information. Within the annotation box you also have options for setting font type, inserting/editing links, images & media and setting font justification. Once you have finished creating the annotation, click the Save button.

Annotation shapes include: square, ellipse, freehand, polygon and tip.

Additional Tooltips for formatting the annotation box include: setting a border type, border color and border fill color.

Viewing Annotations

If a media item has an annotation, you will see this icon displayed above it in the Detail View or Workspace 

Click on the icon to expose the location of the annotation(s) on the media item.

Move your cursor within the region of an annotation to expose the annotation information.

Annotation information is also displayed in the Media Information panel to the left. To expose it, click the down arrow next to Annotations. 

Search Annotations

Annotations are searchable in LUNA by exposing the search options in the search bar, clicking the Annotations radio button and typing in your search term(s).

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